Allied Renewal manufactures finished products that are used in animal feeds
and alternative fuels, such as biodiesel.

Allied Renewal is a licensed rendering service provider in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. 

Allied Renewal collects and recycles used cooking oil and other food product waste generated in the food industry. We also collect and recycle agricultural waste products generated by livestock producers, harvest facilities, and food processors.

In 1981 Brown Packing Co., Inc. began rendering at the site of its Gaffney, SC beef harvest plant.  The rendering plant processes inedible products from the company’s harvest facility.  In 2002, the company began collecting and recycling used cooking oil from area restaurant and foodservice establishments.

Through all the growth and change one thing has remained the same – we continue to provide the businesses we serve with dependable service from dedicated, responsible employees. As a division of Brown Packing Co., Inc., Allied Renewal reflects the values of a company founded on integrity, hard work, and commitment to serving the customer.

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