Allied Renewal manufactures finished products that are used in animal feeds
and alternative fuels, such as biodiesel.


Allied Renewal collects and recycles used cooking oil from restaurants and other foodservice establishments. We serve parts of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. If your business has used cooking oil, please contact our team today about an equipment and service plan that best meets the needs of your business. We will ensure that your used cooking oil is recycled, often for future use in animal feeds or for alternative fuels. We understand that the most important advantage to your business is assurance that you will get the service you expect. You need your used cooking oil removed on your schedule. At Allied Renewal, we still understand that you are the customer and we intend to work on your timeline.

Allied Renewal is very proud of our service and customization for our customers. We are certainly not the biggest in the industry; however, we strive each day to be the best. Our team will work with you to setup your account with Allied Renewal, and we will continually adapt to the growth and changes of your business.


These are the most common collection containers found in the used cooking oil collection industry, and are the containers that meet the needs of most of our customers. The size of the collection containers and systems are dependent on the volume of your business' used cooking oil. We will ensure that your container is serviced regularly, and as needed, so every time you need to deposit more oil, you can.





We have led the way in this area over the last few years for accounts with very high volumes of used cooking oil. The Standard Collection method is adequate for most businesses, but for high volume accounts we needed a better solution. We work with each qualifying business to custom design a automated vacuum pump system to meet your needs. Our systems reduce spills, labor, and accidents. Employees are no longer forced to roll or carry vats of hot oil to an outside container multiple times a day. With our system, the operator simply flips a switch in the business and vacuums their oil into a fully contained vessel. It's quick, clean, and easy. Our technicians will train your employees and keep the system working in top order as long as you partner with Allied Renewal.