When to Change Your Cooking Oil

How Long Can Cooking Oil Stay in the Fryer?

December 18, 2023
How Long Can Cooking Oil Stay in the Fryer?

We are often asked by our friends in the restaurant industry, “How long can oil stay in the deep fryer?” The answer to this question depends on a few variables, including:

  • The type of oil you are using
  • What you are frying (and how often you are frying the food)
  • How clean your fryer is

Leaving Oil in the Deep Fryer

At Allied Renewal, we recommend leaving oil in your deep fryer for short periods of time. When your oil is not in use, make sure to cover your fryer. Light is a major factor that accelerates spoilage. 

For large batches of oil, you may want to consider a fryer oil filtration system that removes the oil from the fryer, filters it and returns it to the fryer. 

Once you have used your oil as much as safely possible, we recommend storing it in one of our specialized containers with tight-fitting lids.

How Allied Renewal Can Help

Signs That Cooking Oil Is Not Safe For Use

The best way to know it's time to change the oil is to look for signs that the oil is breaking down during frying. Signs that your cooking oil is not safe for use are when the oil:

  • Starts to smoke at a lower temperature than usual
  • Darkens in color
  • Begins to smell “off”
  • Surface becomes thick and foamy

What do I do when my oil can’t be used anymore?

Once your used restaurant cooking oil is ready for disposal, lean on Allied Renewal for our grease removal services. We safely collect and transfer the oil to our recycling facility where it is filtered, separated, and reconditioned. This eliminates excessive waste in your workplace, decreases workplace hazards, and also reduces your carbon footprint. 

Looking for a sustainable way to remove your restaurant cooking oil? Reach out to our friendly team at Allied Renewal to learn more about how we can support your cooking oil recycling needs. 

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