Waste Oil Laws

How Should Businesses Dispose of Used Cooking Oil?

May 1, 2024
How Should Businesses Dispose of Used Cooking Oil?

State Laws in SC, NC, GA & TN

In South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, it’s illegal for businesses to throw away used cooking oil with regular trash. That’s right. It’s actually illegal to pour used cooking oil down drains, onto the ground, or to throw it out with regular garbage. The good news is, there’s a responsible way to dispose of it—and it’s good for the environment!

Cooking Oil Collection Services

Recycling Oil

Did you know you can actually recycle oil? This is the most eco-friendly option. Businesses can partner with a licensed used oil collection company, such as Allied Renewal, to pick up their used cooking oil for recycling into biodiesel fuel. When recycled, cooking oil can be used to help power vehicles and heat homes!

Allied Renewal’s Solution

Through providing standard collection containers—the most common method—sized for your needs, or by using an automated vacuum and pump system for removing higher volumes of oil at the flip of a switch, Allied Renewal takes all of the work out of this necessary procedure for business owners. We offer custom solutions for the quick, efficient and ethical disposal of used cooking oil in compliance with the waste oil laws of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

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