Why You Should Change Your Fryer Oil

What Happens If You Don’t Change The Oil In Your Fryer?

January 9, 2024
What Happens If You Don’t Change The Oil In Your Fryer?

We’re often asked by our restaurant industry clients,  “What happens if I don’t change out my cooking oil as frequently as necessary?”

It’s a great question. Let’s dive into the “why” behind changing your cooking oil.

Used Cooking Oil Services

How often should my business replace and recycle used cooking oil?

While there is no hard and fast rule to how many times you can reuse your cooking oil, the general rule of thumb is to replace the oil every few days or when it begins to change color or emit an odor. Some restaurants lean on the number of uses which can be anywhere from 8–10 times.

Other restaurants, especially fast food restaurants, will change out their oil multiple times per week or even daily. This frequency can depend on variables such as the volume of food fried, the type of oil used and individual company policies.

Why do I have to change the fryer oil?

A few factors weigh into the health of your cooking oil as it is used and reused. Food bits and particles, fluctuating oil temperatures, as well frequent “low smoke point” use can cause the oil to become rancid. This rancidity can give your food an “off” flavor. 

To dive even deeper, every time you heat the oil, the molecules in the oil break down bit by bit. Not only can this affect the flavor, but it can cause an “off” odor. This means unhealthy substances are being released into the food and the air. When this happens, it’s well beyond time for restaurant oil recycling.

Allied’s Restaurant Oil Recycling

How can Allied Renewal help?

We know the process of disposing of your fryer oil can be a cumbersome task. At Allied Renewal, we specialize in restaurant fryer oil disposal, removal and recycling. We ethically, sustainably, and responsibly dispose of your restaurant oil so that it can be repurposed in new ways. When you partner with Allied Renewal, you reduce the risk of spills and messes and reduce your carbon footprint for a cleaner environment.

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